(Paragraph in Dutch) Deze Engelstalige zijde is bedoeld voor bedrijven, rederijen en scheepseigenaren. Wat ik voor particulieren kan betekenen, leest u in het Nederlands.

Welcome. As an electrical service and commissioning engineer, having worked for well-known and respected companies in both industry and worldwide shipping, I inform you to have my own business since 2014. I can help you out with electrical issues of any kind.

You can hire me for:

  • faultfinding;
  • commissioning of devices and systems;
  • retrofitting;
  • revision;
  • materials, tools and instruments delivery;
  • repair of electronic devices;
  • inspections according to regulations and advice.

In any case where I can not help you or am not available, I can present a company that does.

You can send your inquiries or questions to info@wkeservice.nl and I will respond soonest. Service rates are on request.

Pleased to be of any service,

Winant Ketner